I am the Stinking Weasel, and I love to be creative.   Throughout my life it’s taken many different forms.  Before I hit my teens it was writing and I loved creating poetry.  In my formative years it was pen and ink, and Aubrey Beardsley was my muse.  He still is, and I have three of his drawings tattooed on to my skin.  I also loved cartooning, and in my later teens I drew caricature.  I was pretty good at it, and it paid my way through 6th Form.    At art college in Doncaster (now defunct, sadly – the college not the town) I still cartooned and cariacatured, but it was frowned upon as they weren’t seen as an art form.   So I moved on to anything I could get my hands on.  I flitted from one thing to another because art school wouldn’t let me do what I really wanted; it meant I couldn’t really settle.

At art college where I began my degree I turned to sculpture.  Here I discovered stone carving, which I loved, but had to give up when I was thrown out for selling my work.  My work paid my way through college, but an empty folio (and tutors who couldn’t sell their stuff when I could sell mine) meant expulsion.

From there I moved on to painting landscapes which I sold through a range of galleries across Yorkshire.  The recession hit (the first one, in the ’90s), my business floundered and I had to begin a new life as a regular employee.  These were my years in what I refer to as the wilderness years.  All my time was taken up with climbing the career ladder, with no time for drawing or even my music (my other great love)

Then I was made redundant, but it proved to be a blessing as this creative cat finally came in from the cold, with the job I secured proving to be the catalyst.  I began work as a workshop designer and facilitator and through some chance training with Annie Howlett-Foster I had permission to begin cartooning and drawing again; first as a part of my work, but now as something I do once more in my own capacity.

My creativity lies now with with my cartooning and graphic recording.  I’ve spent the last three years drawing ‘Powerpoints’ for my seminars and workshops; drawing live the words of keynotes at conferences; drawing comic books; and developing my graphic novel (this last is a long term project, and very exciting for me).  I still get out very occasionally with my camera, and you’ll see some examples elsewhere on my website.

Feel free to rootle through my site and see what rocks my boat.  And everything I do is for sale, or commissionable.  I only work to order, so if you see something you like on my site, you will need to order it.  You can do this through my ‘Contact’ page.

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