My First Felted Thing

I was introduced to felting at my craft club DARNiT, based in Thorne, South Yorkshire.  I thought it was brilliant, I enjoyed it so much.  How a bit of water and a reed mat can turn a bit of fleece into another thing entirely.  I came away that day with a bit of wonderfully colourful fleece, and then wondered what to do with it.  I decided to use it to make a bowl, although it was said it couldn’t be done.  My first attempt went well, but I ran out of felt, not realising just how much one needed.  Off to Wingham Wools in Wentworth for some more, then.  What a fab place it is, so easy to spend shedloads of money.  Do visit.  And bring me back some fleece while you’re at it!

Anyway, this was the first stage of my felted bowl:

Wet-felted Bowl for Interesting Things - In Progress