Plastic Stuff

So there I was on retreat, and there was this other lassie busy crocheting with bits of plastic.  She was making little circlets just to see what happened, but was thinking about making coasters or corsages.

Well I can’t crochet (yet – but I will, you know), but I did think that if you can crochet with the stuff, you can knit with it.  So I had this bright idea of making my mum a knitted bag.  You can see my efforts on my plastics page.  First of all I had to collect plastic bags because being a green kind of dude, I don’t use the things (engages smug mode).  So I got folk at work to collect them for me.  This worked really well, although I ended up with loads of bags I couldn’t use as well.  They have to be the cheap, crinkly ones that cats like to sit in (please remove cat before attempting knitting).  I’m sure folk thought I was an easy repository for their rubbish!

I began this exercise at the beginning of October, thinking a couple of months would be enough.  Hahahahahahahaaaa! O no it wasn’t apparently.  By the time I got to Christmas, I’d got about half a panel done.  So it turned into a birthday present.  That gave me until May.  O yes, I was sure to get it done by then.  Hahahahahahahaaaa!  No.

Its not like I was being slack, its just the prepping of the plastic to get it knit-ready was pretty laborious.  I won’t make such a blummen big bag next time.  So by the time I’d finished it, it was ready for the following Christmas.  It took just over a year to make it.  I was pretty impressed with it though, and made myself a mobile phone cover in the same way.  Needless to say, that didn’t take a year to make.

Now I have a massive stash of prepared plastic bags in my shed.  Partner has developed this habit of bringing home plastic bags – he’s like a really chuffed puppy fetching slippers – ‘Here you are Great White Overlord, I’ve got you a bag!’.  Awww…bless!  But I ain’t going to complain, because its very good of him to help, and it will mean I have a good stash next time I take it upon me to make my very own sleeping bag, or duvet cover or something…Not sure about the green credentials tho..

Knitted Bag in Plastic

My First Felted Thing Continued

Well its OK just making a bowl, but it does need a bit of embellishment as well.  I’d saved the most decorative bit for the inside.  Bit dumb really, as its going to be covered with  ‘Interesting Things’ (in the absence of a rabbit skin bag – if you don’t know what I mean, you need to read ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide…).  Next time, I’ll make sure the decorative felt is on the outside.

Anyhoo, I’ve begun to embellish.  Out came my lovely beads.  I wondered first of all whether I should try to hide where the felt pieces overlaid each other, or make a feature.  I decided to feature them, so I stitched them together first, to make sure the PVA I’d stuck everything together with didn’t get tired and come apart.  Then I decorated the stitches with beads, and then I decided to go around the lip of the bowl with beads too, to give it a sort of crusty effect.

This is where I’ve got so far.  It still looks a little plain to me, so I’m not sure at this moment whether I will leave it as it is, or whether it needs some more decoration.  I’ve parked it for now, to give the ole back burner a chance to chew it over.  Praps I should put my Interesting Things in it; that might help me decide.  I shall let you know in my next instalment.

Close-Up of Beading Embellishment, Felted Bowl

Close-Up Embellishment, Felted Bowl

Beaded Edge, Felted Bowl

Beaded Edge, Felted Bowl

Close-Up Beaded and Stitched Embellishment Underside Felted Bowl

Close-Up Embellishment Underside Felted Bowl