Really Groovy Pots

I forgot I had made these, but they are soooo cooool!  I made two of these last year, and they have lived outside for most of the year, including winter.  The colours have faded a bit though.  You’re supposed to bring them in for the winter, really, but I wanted to see how they would fare.  I will definitely make these again, in time for Easter 2017, so watch this space.



Sheffield Makers Fair

Yay!  My first craft fair!  Come and find me at St Mary’s church at the bottom of Bramall Lane in Sheffield.  Its a really cool fair full of top quality arts and crafts.  Cheap admission for visitors, and a lovely cafe – try the cakes.  I’ll be bringing with me the stuff I have online here, but I also hope to have some of my art on display too, which doesn’t transfer as well as I’d like to online promotional sites.  Come and see what it really looks like, and say hello.