Ai Weiwei Protest Worms







I got this idea from an article in The Guardian.  Ai Weiwei, Chinese dissident artist of porcelain sunflower seeds fame (among other things) came up with the idea of making these worms from old socks.  The way they are made means they have no mouth – no way of speaking out, just as many people in China have no way of speaking out.  I think its a brilliant idea and made some of my own.

Chrimbo Deccies

There’s nothing like being seasonal, so here we are with some Christmas decorations I started 18mths ago and have finally finished.  Very simple, but with the beading (I do like beading things) they took a long time to complete.  I’ve also made one lone decoration using a Suffolk Puff.  I really enjoyed making it, took an afternoon.  I reckon with a bit of practice I could get the time down a bit. Happy to take orders, of course – they’re nice for a present as well as for your own tree.



Quick and Easy Mobile Covers

So…what can you do when you’ve dropped yourself in it and promised to make some handcrafted goods for an up and coming fair?  Well, I’ve made a few mobile covers (most recently one with a neck strap for dad who walks with a frame), but they are too fine to make en masse.  So out came the felt and in three easy steps I had a small stash.

These fit a Samsung Galaxy, but I hope to make some to fit a dumb phone, and if anyone needs one for an iphone or some other make, please send me the measurements and I’ll make one for you.  You can have a very simple one from felt, or an all-singing, all-dancing one.