Comic Books

I’ve just self published my first of what I hope will become a long line of comic books. This is called ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told….Probably’ and tells the story of Christmas as a comic strip. This came about from some work I did with my local church, when I was asked to draw the Christmas Story. I drew it over Advent (about three weeks) onto a 25ft roll of lining paper. It got alot of attention, with people coming in every few days to see what happened next (I was drawing it in situ, so people could watch it develop). People took photos so they could share it with others and local Scouts groups came in to see it. Once it was done, people then began asking if I could turn it into a booklet so they could have their very own copy to take home, or to share with others.

Thanks to funding from various quarters, I redrew the lot and printed it in booklet form. It was very well received, and I’m hoping now to do similar with the Easter Story.