Graphic Recording

I stumbled upon graphic recording about four years ago. I hadn’t heard of it until I was introduced to it by chance by Annie Howlett-Foster

Graphic recording is the live recording of keynotes and presenters using pictures, key words and symbols. There are loads of examples on Google Images. I love doing it because its a real challenge knowing whether what the presenter is saying right now is important enough to record or whether it’ll be the next thing s/he says. And thinking right there of the image or word that will capture what is being said. I love that it makes a presentation come alive for the delegates. Not everyone learns aurally; some folk are more visual, and graphic recording really does it for them.

I have the roll scanned after the conference, which is then made available for the organisers to send out to their delegates, but I do find that delegates take their own photos – this is, after all their version of Powerpoint handouts, only more interesting. Who reads Powerpoint notes anyway? But everyone reads a cartoon more than once.

Take a look below at some of the examples of my work. If you’d like your conference graphically recording, get in touch via my contact page.