Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show

I’ve just got back from the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.  Its every November, the last weekend, and it runs for four days.  If you haven’t been, you really must, its really rather fabulous.  You do need a whole day to get around it all, especially if you want to take a look at the rather excellent exhibition which is always good for inspiration and wow factor.  This is the place to get stuff you can often only get on the internet, its a great opportunity to take a look (and feel) at some lovely fabrics, and pick up some excellent end-of-range bargains.  I’m in the middle of making stuff for Chrimbo at the moment, so I can’t make a start on playing with the stash I brought home.  Most frustrating!  But I guess I’ll enjoy it all the more when I finally have some time over Christmas to get stuck in (once I’ve mucked out my shed).

Some of the stuff I bought was a lovely ribbon-yarn with which I’m going to knit a dress.  I already have one that someone else knitted, so I can cross-ref that with a pattern I have for a strappy vesty, tanktoppy thing that would make a great dress if I make it long enough.  The colour is a watered silk kind of green, very pretty – and at £6 for 1500g its a right bargain!  Then I bought some yarn that looks like fair isle when you knit it up.  I’m intrigued to see what it will look like.  I’ll be using it to make a vesty, tank-toppy thing.  Of course all these will feature on the website while in progress (in case I don’t get them finished for months and months).  Fat quarters figured, of course, as did leftover bits of really pretty material, two balls of sari silk, and some wool in Bagpuss pink and Bagpuss cream with which I’m going to make a bobble hat minus bobble but with ears.  I’m going to bastardise a pattern.  This has to be knitted in the round, which I’ve never done, so I had to buy the tools for this.  Hope I will managed.  I will report back.

Finally, one of the most exciting finds was these massive needles for extreme knitting.  I’ll take a pic and post them online.  They must be 25mm at least.  The lady who was selling these was using them to knit the most fantastic rugs.  They were really chunky, and using the right kind of yarn, you could even make door mats.  I can’t wait to play with them!  I really like these knitted puffeys that are popping up everywhere, but I’m not paying the price.  With these new needles I can make my own.

So, all in all a mighty good haul.  Watch this space for some pics of my new acquisitions.



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