How to Avoid a Pocket Full of Tealeaves

Like lots of folk these days, I carry around my own teabags.  Black tea’s OK, but I drink it black (as you should) and I can’t drink it stewed, so I carry around a stash of Redbush which just doesn’t stew.  And when I’m on a health kick, I’ll carry around white tea or something.  But if, like me, you just filch a couple of bags from the stash in the kitchen, it only takes a day or two for them to become very rumpled and sad-looking.  And only a day or two more before they collapse completely and release their contents all over your pocket or bag, never to be removed.

At a craft fair I saw someone had knitted rather fabulous teabag wallets.  What a ripping idea.  So I knitted one of my own and it works really well.  You can knit one in pretty quick time.  However, I needed to make them in double quick time for an up and coming fair, so out came the felt, and here we are, a teabag pouch big enough to take two individually packaged teabags of your choice.


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