The History of Christianity

This was a commission for Nazarene College in Manchester. I was asked to draw 20 A2 posters, one for each century, illustrating the history of Christianity. The College gave me the information it wanted drawing, and gracefully left me to it. It was great fun to do. I learnt such a lot from this project. Christian History can be a bit dry, and the course for which these posters were intended was one studied by non-academics. Part of the problem was by the end of the course people just hadn’t managed to retain the key dates. Enter the posters.

Once the posters were drawn they were used to supplement the classroom teaching. They were also made into postcards which students had to put into date order. After having seen their key dates in cartoon format, they’d found it much easier to remember and were able to get the order correct. They’ve been used again since in collaboration with The Methodist Church.