Susanna 350 Conference

Held by the Methodist Church, I was asked to create some illustrations based on the life of Susanna Wesley for this conference, held in Lincoln in 2019. It needed to be interactive, so all the images I drew were in black and white line, and I invited delegates to colour them in. I based the drawings on Susanna’s ‘Nuggets of Wisdom’ and the people who influenced here. She was hugely learned and it was upon her theology and teaching that her son John Wesley based his movement ‘Methodism’.

On the first day of the conference I put up the ‘Nuggets of Wisdom’ images, and asked people to offer up their own nuggets, which I would then illustrate while they were in workshops and seminars. I only had two hours in which to do this! Interaction was low on the first day, but on the second, when I displayed Susanna’s influencers and asked delegates for theirs, I was absolutely deluged! There were three two-hour slots in which I had to illustrate delegates’ offerings. Much frantic scanning of Google Images ensued, and I did indeed manage to get them all drawn up before the end of the conference.

This was a hugely popular exercise, which people loved. I was in a prime spot, on the mezzanine, which people had to walk through to get to their workshops. I garnered alot of interest and I lapped it up. Brilliant.