My First Felted Thing Continued

Well its OK just making a bowl, but it does need a bit of embellishment as well.  I’d saved the most decorative bit for the inside.  Bit dumb really, as its going to be covered with  ‘Interesting Things’ (in the absence of a rabbit skin bag – if you don’t know what I mean, you need to read ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide…).  Next time, I’ll make sure the decorative felt is on the outside.

Anyhoo, I’ve begun to embellish.  Out came my lovely beads.  I wondered first of all whether I should try to hide where the felt pieces overlaid each other, or make a feature.  I decided to feature them, so I stitched them together first, to make sure the PVA I’d stuck everything together with didn’t get tired and come apart.  Then I decorated the stitches with beads, and then I decided to go around the lip of the bowl with beads too, to give it a sort of crusty effect.

This is where I’ve got so far.  It still looks a little plain to me, so I’m not sure at this moment whether I will leave it as it is, or whether it needs some more decoration.  I’ve parked it for now, to give the ole back burner a chance to chew it over.  Praps I should put my Interesting Things in it; that might help me decide.  I shall let you know in my next instalment.

Close-Up of Beading Embellishment, Felted Bowl

Close-Up Embellishment, Felted Bowl

Beaded Edge, Felted Bowl

Beaded Edge, Felted Bowl

Close-Up Beaded and Stitched Embellishment Underside Felted Bowl

Close-Up Embellishment Underside Felted Bowl

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